Inspiration to distract the tiring holidays

Hopefully everyone had a good holiday weekend! Here's a little update with mine:

Christmas Eve was spent with a fairly new friend of mine. We listened to music, he watched me mix deviled eggs mixture on his floor, helped me with 3 trays of what I like to call 'cherry granola cups with a chocolate bottom'. There were only 2 trays by the end of the night. During my creative cooking time [creative because I have no clue what I'm doing in the kitchen- I just throw things together], Stephen customized a tattoo sketch for me. We stayed up late to finish tattooing my wrist with my brand new lovely tattoo. I gave him a pouch to give to his sister as an X-mas gift and a birthday gift, essentially in-trade. My Christmas day was very chill. I spent the day with a friend's family, was fed generously, and was treated to a bunch of little gifts too. I brought the deviled eggs and the remaining 2 trays of the  'cherry granola cups with a chocolate bottom'. Christina and I had a smartphonephotofilters photoshoot on the couch with our wine while we watched Elf... haha. Oh the things that best girl friends do under the influence of a few glasses...

Here's some style inspiration, because my brain can't process any other posts until after the holidays.

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