Studio Tour :: Part 1

So, as promised, I am returning with a slew of pictures of how my studio is currently standing. I'm kind of a freak when it comes to redecorating though. I always need to rearrange, or clear out, or paint. It's fun! 

Okay, so, a few things: Ignore the tilted cork wall panel. I didn't catch that until after I uploaded photos, haha. Also, I found that cork board at a thrift store! I love it. I hope I can find more on ebay or something. My favorite item is my vintage magician's box! All the way to the right on the first photo. It's lovely.

Isn't Ty adorable?! Also, what do you guys think of the floor?! I love it. My roommate hates it, he said he'd put a rug. I dont know, maybe I can get a small rug, but it feel nice. 

Until part two!


  1. Love it! I'm actually super jealous of your concrete floor. I would LOVE a floor that I can make a mess on and just leave it. Oh to be able to spray paint anywhere. :)

  2. your pup is so sweet!

    def leave the floor. it's easy to sweep up and when you make a "mess" it looks like you're making art.

    i enjoy reading your blog. take care.