I'm enjoying...

1. Christene Barberich in StyleLikeU. Not only have I just recently found out about this website, but I've already found it interesting to see what I have in common with some of these inspiring people on here. 
2. Un Chien Andalou - I found this on Netflix watch instant. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it! It was driving me crazy. I thought it was really hysterical, actually.
3. I've really just become mesmerized by the colors in this photo. Found on tumblr.
4. I like all the colors and the designs that Man Vs. Ink uses in their printing.
5. Be still my vintage doctor bag lovin' heart. Bag from Jayson Home.
6. Academy Jewelry's Quartz Bullet Shell necklace that I won through a Dirty Richmond giveaway. I've been obsessed with it and wearing it daily, but haven't been able to properly photograph it myself. 
7. Bleeds, is what I like to call it. This shirt is from here.


  1. love those tats on the jewelry model - looks awesome. now i need to find some models with tats; i've been searchin' high and low for the perfect one for about a year now - sheesh.

  2. I recognized #2 still from a movie I watched back in college. interesting film, right?