Morbid Curiosity - The Richard Harris Collection

I went on a day adventure last Thursday because I had the day off of work at the salon. It was exciting! I normally am not given the pleasure to have a day during the week off, haha. I met up with my new fun friend at the Chicago Cultural Center for the Morbid Curiosity Exhibit - The Richard Harris Collection. Can I also mention that this was a free (yeah, free!!) day venture? Hell, yes.
So basically, I'm not going to ruin the visit to the exhibit because I sort of feel bad that I went behind security's back and unintentionally took pictures without knowing there was a rule not to. BUT, I would never let pictures I like, go to waste. Basically, there was a lot of skulls, skeleton bones, shock factors, plaster, death, life, and all kinds of creative outlooks to all those things. I was smiling like a child in a toy store the whole time, and stared/examined everything for, what seemed like, my entire life.

january 28 - july 8

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