New photos of the Navajo Blanket Bag Collection 3.

New close up product photos on thePre-Released Navajo Blanket Bag from the 3rd collection, and then some I attempted to model with a self timer- cool! I should really get a friend to do that for me. Either way, these are a lot more refreshing to me than the old ones.

You may click on the photos to enlarge them. 


  1. it kills me that i do not have an extra $100 to spend on one of your beautiful creations. i'm asking for one for my birthday...in june. please make more by then :) i'd really appreciate it.

    much love,

    1. carly, you are too sweet. thank you for being such a devoted follower and a true bt lover! i really appreciate all of your kind words :)

      there will be a few more of these made within the next few weeks. i hope there will be something that you love once June comes along!