Recent Custom Work + New Textiles

Hello! It's been a few weeks since I've shown what I've been up to. There have been a few custom orders I've been working on, but I've also been trying to make more time for "me time" so I can clear my head. So recently, since I haven't been sewing into the wee-late of the night, I've been watching movies in bed with pizza, or going on antiquing adventures.

GOOD NEWS THOUGH! I took a huge step two months ago and I requested to cut my days at the hair salon (my day job is a receptionist at a great salon here in Chicago) from 5 days to 4 days. Solely because I want more time to sew or work on Bird Trouble during the week. I am pretty nervous about the small cut of funds, but hopefully with more time for Bird Trouble, there will be more bags for purchase and more fun for Alexz!

Here are some custom orders I've been working on, as well as some textiles I've collected!

I found these weaved Mexican blankets at the thrift store near my house and after I calmed down from a slight over-excited-panic-attack, because not only were these lined next to each other in all it's glory, but they were having a sale that day. I decided to purchase the black and gray one [the second to the left] and the red, black, and white one to the right of it.

The project that is on my work table right now is my friend Emma's tote bag that is going to be used for carrying her school books. We're giving her a zippered divider and a few pockets for organization. She requested a fun bright contrasting shape of either a kitten or an elephant on the front. My instincts went with a kitten, of course. Not that I have anything against elephants... but, ahem, I am a secret cat lady. So I made the kitten shape into a canary yellow leather (re-purposed from a leather jacket!). This bag is going to be magical. I mean, it's going to be able to be worn a few different ways (cross-body, shoulder, by a handle, folded), so yeah, it's going to be pretty magical.

The first photo in this group is a little peak into the start of Bird Trouble bags for the Spring. Featuring a really colorful Mexican blanket, a large bow, and leather with studs. I'll only be able to make 3 of these select ones. They're going to be smaller cross-body bags with a leather belt re-purposed for the strap. 

I was given a pair of LEATHER CHAPS! from my co-worker who had it shipped from his father's shop in Montana. I screamed so loud at the hair salon when he presented this beautifulllllllllllllllll gift to me. Love him. I have no clue what I will make with these, but I might have to get selfish and make something for myself. ;)

I found this beautiful retro gold fabric at the thrift store that will most likely be released into some Spring bags as well. It's lovely, isn't it!

Again, found at the thrift store, this plastic vinyl is awesome! Who ever had this before sewed it into curtains, but with a little snip here and there, I was able to open it wide to reveal all the material I have to work with. I love the colors, the shapes, the crazy watercolor-like design. The bag I'm working on with this fabric is smaller as well and will be a few cross bodies . If there's enough fabric, I might make some simple tote bags.

If you use Instagram, you can view a lot of my work and tons of "behind the scene" photos.
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xoxo, Alexz


  1. Wohoo! Congrats on cutting back on your job. So exciting for you! Hopefully I'll be making the same leap soon enough ;)
    Looks like you've got some super adorable projects keeping you busy! Keep up the amazing work.

  2. These materials look great! I'm gonna save up and treat myself to a custom you're soon. Can't wait!