Sunday Mornings - picture post.

Today, I took Ty to our typical spot, this large open field in front of a school, only a few walks away from my apartment. I recently spent $10 on one of those ball launchers and (also, I'd like to mention that we have surprisingly not lost the ball that came with it - goft clap) he ran around like a maniac with his friend Maggie. If you really looked at the pictures, you probably noticed all the mud on him. This wild nut-ball was doing body slams and slip-n-slides into the field that was 85% mud.

It's pretty funny to me how I've become apart of this dog community in my neighborhood. I'm the one screaming "TYLER!" "Tyler, get up and show them who's bigger!" He's more of a sissy that the macho man that he looks like.

After all of that excitement, I came home and made myself some breakfast before I put Ty in the tub. I made myself the best breakfast egg, veggie, and chorizo wrap, ever. 
I then finally took the plunge from Grooveshark and downloaded Spotify. So after a little deep knee scrub cleaning of our bathroom floor, I've just been making about a million playlists for an hour now. One of them started with The Raincoats.

Now that I am on Gang of Four, I am feeling the need to finish this blog post and get some coffee, and crank down on the sewing. 
What have you been listening to lately? 

I love Sunday mornings. How did you spend yours?


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