Recently thrifted

Recently thrifted...
Leather fringe jacket for $11.50. Swear it fits like a glove and I feel like I won the lottery.
Gross yellow sweater, but a very comfy and a longer length it-works-ugly.
Some grandpa tweed belts for Bird Trouble bags.
A new coffee mug that says "Here's Lookin' At You Kid" with hologram eyeballs in glasses that make them move up and down squinting.
A little colorful striped bag because I liked the braids under the handles.

I think they all photograph well together. I'm happy about it, and I might start wearing that jacket to sleep because I'm that happy about that.

What have you recently thrifted? Is there one item that you really lucked out on?

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  1. Great finds! Love the purse and jacket. Have you thought about dying the sweater?!

    I recently found a Neiman Marcus suede satchel for $1! I struck gold! I still haven't worn it because I am horrible with suede and I'll probably gift it to a vintage loving friend.