Dressed in Sheer Red

I´ve been borrowing this dress from a good friend, who is a fellow donut lover, and who has recently bought me Jamba Juice with a Get-Well card the day I got in my bike accident. During our relationship, she has left me countless bunches of beautiful illustrations of kitlers, beer bottles, squirrels, and 666´s - in no particular order - at the desk at work. She let me wear this dress this past Halloween (clearly, I´ve been borrowing it for a long time) to go along with my ¨I´m nothing in particular, just creepy¨ costume.
Introduction complete, and a thank you NMM.

This week, I decided to wear it (basically in NMM´s honor, but also because it was super humid outside) paired with a black mini dress underneath, and my flat black no-lace oxfords that I thrifted in Milwaukee. I´ve been wearing dresses all week, which is great because I still have stitches on my knee, and I want to avoid rubbing. I am totally fine with this because 99% of the time, I hate wearing pants. Hate! I´d much rather wear dresses every day of my life.  

Besides for that, I think that this week flew by! Besides getting my hair colored the other day, and for dinner at Carnivale the other night, I feel like I´ve just been busy working at the salon and busy sewing in the studio! I finished another tote bag, the same that I had posted earlier in the week here. I finished a little photo shoot for those today and still need to edit them, so I will let you guys know when they will be released into the shop. 
I ran into an old neighbor on the train during my commute home yesterday and have reconnected with her. We´re hanging out on Sunday morning at her photo shoot for her vintage collection. I´m super excited to take a peak at what she has and to catch up!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Those who celebrate Cinco De Mayo, HAVE FUN. I will be getting ¨brown girl silly¨at a friend´s house for her graduation. 
And yes, her invite was to get ¨brown girl silly¨. Funny!


  1. Love your dress. Yes, it has been hot in Illinois, but I love it!

  2. Love those shoes! And pretty dress!