Creating a New Collection ; Jade and Blossom

Welcome back from the weekend!  I hope you have a good one! Mine was filled with seeing friends, going to the theater to see The Avengers, cleaning and sewing to the sound of thunderstorms and the smell of lemon incense. Yesterday, I worked on two large drawstring tote style bags that have adjustable straps. I´m half way with finishing up a new collection of bags that I´ve decided to name 
 Jade and Blossom 

Jade and Blossom will be a total of 6 bags created from a found blanket/spread that looks like it came straight out of a 1970´s cabin.  Or it could have been in a 1970´s Volkswagon that is blasting Don McLean.  There will be 3 different designs and I only have enough textile to create 2 bags of each design.

All bags will be lined with different blossom patterned fabric, will have a ton of great pockets, & key fobs.  The bags will also feature straps and details with a muted aqua leather.  Originally, this leather was an upholstery sample purchased at an antique store in Oklahoma!

Designs featured in Jade and Blossom:
A tote & book bag >>> scalloped leather pocket, lemon blossom lining, zipper closure, short straps.
A large drawstring tote & book bag >>> detachable shoulder strap made from a leather belt, daffodil blossom lining, exceptional pockets (zipper divided pocket!) 
A shoulder bag >>> reinforced shape.  More details to be announced.

This week, I´ll be featuring and showing you lots of sneak peak photos of the Jade & Blossom progress until they are eventually ready for purchase.
Until then, enjoy all the sneak peaks!

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  1. Aw, I love those patterns! Good luck with your new collection! The fact that each bag is one of a kind make them even more beautiful!
    I've started a new line of purses too. A different kind of yours though. I'm using vintage magazine covers but also vintage movies posters, ads e.t.c. and make unique, one of a kind envelope purses. I'm hosting a little giveaway, maybe you'd like to check it out.
    Thanks! :-)


  2. Cool, that's what your mom needs when she goes to the market for food to cook.