Hello, Summer.

The start to a new season. The refreshing familiar feeling you get every year when the smell of fresh air hits your face when you walk outside, the heat that lingers on your shoulders from the sun that leaves tan lines on your feet, the sounds of cluttered chit-chatter from every direction. The late night commutes to the neighborhoods where your friends nest, the late night invites and hang outs on your porch, a sleepy 2 year old pup because he, is even wiped from being super stoked on summer. A new beginning. A release to the past, and an acceptance to what's in front of you. Changes to make it the best summer ever. 

I've recently been molding together what was once a very important friendship to me, with a very important person to me. I've placed myself in very difficult and pretty uncomfortable situations recently so I could follow my heart, and for the best. I've recently wrote a week schedule on the chalk paint on my wall to keep myself focused this season with work. I know that fun is a weakness of mine. So I want to make sure I still have my fun, but still work hard. I've decided that I'm going to plant some herbs to use while I cook after seeing Elsie's post. I rarely ever go out to eat to save money, so I cook a lot for myself at home. I've grown herbs before, a little over 3 years ago, so I don't know why I haven't! It's so easy.

Summer in Chicago is the best time of year here, in my opinion. It'll be my first summer living  independently this close to the lake. I mean, I'm right next to it so it's going to feel totally different than my used-to-be residence's further west and south in the city. Plus, life is totally awesome right now. Can't complain. Not one bit.

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xoxo, Alexz

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