Photos from the Studio

My studio looks different since the last time I show you guys. Again, of course. I'm excited it's starting to feel like a comfortable studio now. There are two desks, one for my laptop and one for my sewing table, and my cutting table to the side. I love the getting up and moving to different to the table, and back to the desk. 

I still need to get some real paint in there, some shelves, and some last minute finishing touches. There are windows at my front window facing the street, it's really great, but I've recently thought about getting some planters. I'm confident it'll get there really soon. I took some photos a few weeks ago, before the Jade and Blossom bags were finished, so naturally, it looks a little messier. I think I did move my chest shelving to the other side of the desk.... haha. There is just something I have with re-arranging furniture. It's a hobby of mine, I swear.

Here are some pictures of where it was at about 2 weeks ago. I need to mess around with this camera because my photos are lookin' all kinds of grainy. But until then, here they are.

Want to see how it looked like before?... or maybe see what goes on in the studio?

I'm not sure why I'm still awake. It's 12:30am and I have to wake up to open the salon by 8am. So... I need to wake up at 6am and wash my dirty head of hair that is currently piled on the top of my head. Into a giant messy ball. It's really tangly... guh.

Thanks for reading! Have a great Memorial Day / aka party-time-long-weekend.


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