Jade and Blossom - A Large Drawstring Tote Bag

The bags in the Jade and Blossom collection have impressive pockets and a strong choice of fabric for the lining. Most especially, in the large drawstring tote bags. The flower fabric is a thicker weight, giving it durability. The kitsch pattern will perk up your days and the pocket design gives you tidy organization.

The inside of the large drawstring tote bags are committed to holding all of your knacks, cash, books, keys, cameras, smart phone, not smart phone, other technological devices, and days of a clothing changes if you were to be traveling. There is a pocket divided in the middle that has a zipper closure so you can stow place away any necessary separate bag stuff. This also separates the bag into two sides. We know how nice it is to feel organized.

  A large drawstring tote bag  
Depending on what you´re carrying that day and where you are going, you have the choice to wear this in two ways : 
  1. Join the detachable shoulder strap to the leather straps to create a hobo style bag that rests on the hips.
  2. Detach the shoulder strap. You can stow the strap in the zippered part inside the bag, or keep it at a safe place at home. Carry the bag by the leather straps off the top for a tote bag look.
In the spacious tote bag, there are two drawstring pulls trailed through a seam at the highest part of the bag. Whichever way you choose to wear the bag, you can pull the ties to create a drawstring look to any style.

All this week, I´ll be featuring bags from my Jade and Blossom collection. 
Be sure to come back to enjoy more pictures and learn a little bit about the designs. Other than creating, I´ve been collecting a ton of inspiring videos for my readers. 

But for now, I have to head to the post office and then to my day job until late tonight. The weeks are beginning to fill up quickly with the projects I have planned. I really need to get a new planner and some colored post-it notes to organize my schedule!



  1. i am in love with that fabric!! i don't know if you've said so or not before, but do you ever do custom bags? (where i could send you the fabric and what i need the bag to hold/etc? if so, shoot me an email at camille.yanairATyahoo.com!)

    1. Camille! Thank you for the kind comment! I can absolutely consider custom orders. I will email you tonight!