Release Date for Jade and Blossom

Jade and Blossom
Spring / Summer collection 2012

The Jade and Blossom collection includes a total of 6 bags made out of an amazing bohemian jade and gray blanket. These bags are one of a kind, and they will not be reproduced. 

Pieces include, going from left to right in the photo:
- Two shoulder bag satchels.
- Two drawstring tote bags. These can be worn with or without the strap.
- Two zippered tote bags.

Thank you for your patience in the release of these bags. I'm really excited about them! I think the direction of the style and prints for 2012 summer's collections are going exactly how I want them. I'm going to create a few projects with this latest photo shoot, so after they are released, there will still be Jade and Blossom talk. If you have any questions or inquires about this collection, or other bags in fact, email me at birdtroublefashion/@/yahoo.com
Now onto the real deal of this post...

Jade and Blossom will hit the Bird Trouble Shop THIS FRIDAY, May 18th. 

Two more days, guys! *Happy dance*

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  1. Alexz they are beautiful! You're such a talented lady. :)