They're here! Jade and Blossom

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Jade and Blossom
Spring/Summer 2012
Jade and Blossom is a total of 6 bags created from a found blanket spread that looks like it came straight out of a 1970´s camping trip to the a cabin in the woods, or it could have been in a 1970´s Volkswagon that is blasting Don McLean.

There will be 3 different designs and I only have enough textile to create 2 bags of each design. The bags are lined with different blossom patterned fabric and they have a ton of great pockets & key fobs. The straps and details are made this with a found muted aqua leather.  This leather was an upholstery sample that I purchased at a little antique store in Atoka, Oklahoma.

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A large spacious ¨bucket¨ style tote bag with drawstring pulls. Wear it with the drawstring pulled, or not. Comes with a detachable shoulder strap made from a found leather belt. I used a found soft muted aqua blue leather for the carry straps and the strap latch. The lining is a brightly bold and colorful blossom cotton. Exceptional pockets for all your organization.

Depending on what you´re carrying that day and where you are going, you have the choice to wear this in two ways
1. Join the detachable shoulder strap to the leather latch to create a hobo style bag that rests on the hips.
2. Detach the shoulder strap. You can stow the strap in the zippered part inside the bag, or keep it at a safe place at home. Carry the bag by the leather straps off the top for a tote bag look.

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The tote bag is perfect to stow away your every day items. It's also the perfect size for a student's lighter day at school. This features a found muted aqua blue leather for the two centered strap handles and the front scalloped pocket. The straps are detailed with box-top stitching and embellished with silver cone studs at the edge. These bags close with a dusty blue zipper.It´s not just the outside of the bag that is exciting. The inside is fully lined in a cheerful gold blossom cotton lining and features helpful pockets.

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A dainty shoulder bag with a clip on \\ clip off leather closure, detailed with two silver cone studs. Perfect for every day use. Royal blue cotton lining with brightly colorful and bold flowers. There is top stitching at stress points and a zippered pocket inside with a nice little leather pull tab.


  1. Not only is the color stunning but this is the most practical bag I have seen in a while:) Super cute!