I´ve been watching a lot of videos lately from blogs to blogs, to youtube, to Vimeo (just to name a few) to gain inspiration. I´ve never been on a video kick like this. I´m glad I fell into this because it´s important to stir up where you look for inspiration, and look somewhere different for a change. I found these other artists motivating and I felt the need to catalogue them into my blog for myself, and for you! I´ve been finding really interesting ones with really uplifting ones too.
Please enjoy them and let me know your thoughts! 

I think I was just really drawn to her little weird personality and how she started with saying she´s a control freak, and giving that part of her personality a reason to why she loves doing what she is making. I also thought it was nice to see her motivation but, to be honest, this is totally different from my typical artists and tracks on my playlists, but I liked it! I have never been introduced to music like this. It was refreshing to hear something totally different.

Oh and before I move on, Dazed Digital is awesome. I geeked out on it for so long last night, I had to remove myself from it so I could actually go to bed at a decent time, but I did save it in my bookmarks for future inspiration. On to the next video...

Okay, what?! Thermoreactive ink? I wish I could read Keep Our Secrets! I mean, I had some really cool books when I was a kid, but this is so neat. It reminds me that I never mentioned that I recently picked out some of my favorite books from when I was a child that were left at my parents house. I currently have them in a wooden crate in my bedroom and I´m going to start reading them again.


Two young children wander through their noisy house and quiet back yard with fresh eyes, discovering a hidden world full of strange and delightful surprises. Featuring heat-sensitive, color-changing ink on every page!

Each drawing has hidden images beneath, visible only when the reader rubs the page to warm the disappearing black ink. Among the hidden images: a man in the moon, a briefcase full of hidden messages, and a tree that doubles as a high-rise apartment building for squirrels.


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