This past weekend

This past weekend was great. It was the start to Chicago summer, and a few new personal happenin´s that makes me feel like a slap happy lady who just one the lottery and the key to happiness. 

On Friday, I went to see my friend´s band, The Downtown Struts, as well as The Howl, play show over in Logan Square at a venue called Township (ex. Panchos before it switched owners and was renovated). They killed it. They´re two great groups who are noticeably passionate about what they do, and they are super talented behind their guns. I mean, instruments. I saw a bunch of familiar faces, and then ran into my two friends (who, personally, are two of my favorite people I know... you know, if I had to choose. haha) that shared some great news about themselves and their future together. I´m so happy for them!

Saturday, I went to work and the day flew by real fast. It was a typical Saturday at the salon, no big deal, come in and go. Afterwards, I went grocery shopping at Trader Joes for from BBQ nomz. I was excited all day to come back to the apartment because an old friend I had not spent time with in a really long time had planned to come over, and I was extremely anxious all day. I also could not wait to grill with my roommate M.K., and new friend, Jessica. She actually got a job at the salon, so she happens to be my new co-worker too! We put on some music and got some beers. I made portabellas on pita bread, topped with sautéed garlic spinach. I cut those into little triangle slices to serve. I also heated some pears with sugar in foil on the grill, and jalapeños stuffed with brie cheese. M.K. made some beer soaked brats that he marinated from the night before, and I even decided to put my pears on top of that.

Sunday was the same almost the actually. Instead of working, I started off my day with a small nap after my cup of iced coffee (hm!?!). Then we really started off our day with the Wilson dog beach to let our dogs run around for a few hours and then we headed home to grill steak tacos with homemade guacamole, chips, beans, and cheese. I also heated up some more fruit... this time, peaches and blueberries.

Grilling is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Naturally because I love sitting on our pouch, and I love eating. My dad used to grill a lot of steak when I was younger, and taught me how to do it myself so I can make myself steak tacos after school. Ever since then, I´ve always loved to grill, and especially in the summer. I could spend literally every day outside on my pouch just doing my crafts or blogging and having my own time, or hanging out with some friends, listening to music and grilling all day. Chicago summer is THE BEST for outdoor grilling. There´s no doubt about that.

How about yourself? Do you like to grill and have you started it up yet?


  1. We totally need to start getting our grill out and eating outside - too nice to be eating indoors in this weather!