Around Chicago : Beaches in Wilmette

When we went to Wilmette last weekend, we also stopped at the beach to lay out. It was so nice! The beaches in Chicago are fine and I'm not one to complain about them (unlike other Chicagoans), but these were crazy empty!! Though it was also a Monday, the beaches in Chicago are never just empty in the summer. The sand looked super clean and you were even able to see your feet through the water! I'm not used to that when I go to the beach shores by my apartment, haha.

Given that the beaches are kept a lot better, and that the neighborhood is a wealthier neighborhood (walking through rich neighborhoods is always fun!), the beach had to cost a few bucks. We thought it was lame. Not gunna lie about that. But the kids working the booth gave us a little discount because it was quiet that day, and since it looked so nice and we took the trip down there, we thought it was worth it. Shortly after grinding our teeth while walking into the freezing water, we laid in the sand with no towels, and took a little nap while soaking up a little sun.

I love beach days.

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