Bags in the making :: the Free Bird collection

This weaved textile is thrifted from the north side of Chicago and resembles spanish roots and really owns it when it comes to having a gorgeous southwestern / bohemian style. It has to be one of my favorite recent finds. The fabric itself looks hand weaved, which only adds to the personality of being created into a handmade bag collection - and stays along the Bird Trouble ideology of being the original you. 

These photos were taken when I purchased the fabric and right after I cut out my pieces. I made sure to place the patterns accordingly to show off the embroidered open winged birds. Each bag is adorned with metal teeth recycled and high quality zippers. The leather is recycled out of a leather jacket.

What do you guys think about this fabric? Are you still into the bohemian designs? Does it remind you of the south, or maybe it reminds you of riding motorcycles?

Bon voyeur!

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