DRIFT AWAY : Small Collections of Zipper Pouches

Every material I use has a little bit of story behind it. It's something that's always on my mind while I'm sewing my bags. The Navajo Southwestern Blanket Bags were my favorite because I purchased them off of a lady from a garage sale in the suburbs, who purchased them when she was traveling years and years prior. It was a collector of hers. She had so much more than what I had purchased, and to this day I wish I had cleared her out of them. While I thought about her, I pictured a free-like, happy and young of life, woman who drives her truck, or car, with either one road partner, or herself. There's obviously Bob Dylan playing on the static radio (way before iPods were invented - and because I only ever want to listen to Bob driving), but maybe she was playing with a tape deck. She has one blanket piled in the back seat that she just purchased from a little old lady off the side of the road 40 miles ago. She spots another one, and another one, and soon enough... they reach to the Bird Trouble shop, and are almost all sold out.

The following clutches or pouches use the following materials:
1) A cotton material from the 1970's found antiquing. 
2) Material I drowned in dye in my parents kitchen, staining their countertops.
3) Material I purchased from a city yard sale, from a upholsterer. He said it was designer.
4) From the same upholsterer, he sold me a very large hide of leather for $10. I'd like to shake that man's hand again if I could.
5) A black and grayscale thicker weaved material that relate to the following: 1970's-looking, tribal, abstract.

The following are the pouches currently available. With more to be added soon! 
Have a cheerful Monday and safe travels to those traveling for the 4th of July.

Currently Bird Trouble pouches that are available.
Based on the photos, from top the bottom, and from left to right.
Kaleidoscope and Leather Pouch
Narrow Tapestry and Leather Pouch
Bright Sienna Leather Pouch

Wrinkled and Dyed Turquoise Zipper Clutch
Peacock and Leather Zipper Clutch
Wild Flower Oversized Clutch


  1. I love all the stories behind your fabric!
    You make some pretty amazing stuff out of everything. You are one talented lady ;)

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Christen! I think the stories make the products a little more special. xox