Mix & Match : Limited Collection Shift Skirts

Bird Trouble has skirts too! Currently, there are three different designs available because these skirts are  made from the fabrics I use for the lining of my bags. Sometimes, I just think the lining would look so great displayed on a body, as well as in a bag. There shouldn't be a line between those, and I like it that way. I'm a big believer in designing with the lining always catching your attention and never being boring. That's pretty much why I think it'd make the perfect one of a kind and original skirt too.

Reminding me of a Creamsicle popsicle (mmmm), The Blushing Bloom is a floral skirt that glides along as you walk. It's silky and soft, and just like a Creamsicle, it's sweet and pleasant.  The Wear Your Heart on the Outside, or really on your hips - is a simple skirt with two heart pockets on each hip. Too darn cute if you ask me. 

The Bird Trouble Mix & Match skirts are favorited when paired up with completely contrasting patterned shirts. There's the Flesh Red skirt that I also love, but still need to rephotograph. As of now, there are only three skirts left and they happen to be one from each design. Nonetheless, there will be more. Keep an eye out for the additions to Mix & Match!

Hoping that everyone had a wonderful weekend and you're enjoying your Sunday finish. 


  1. I loooove the heart pocket skirts! Too bad I'm on a strict consumer diet :(

    1. You're inspiring me with all this saving money talk!