The past few days.

[photos from the Bird Trouble studio. new bags hanging. Photobooth to the right of my work desk to remind me of all the silly, and awesome, people I enjoy. a drawing from a friend that tickles my satanic kitten lovin' heart.]

Lo siento on being MIA on the blog for the past few days. I've been having some really busy and fun days. It feels good to be sitting in my studio watching Girl, Interrupted and focusing on new blog posts and photo editing. 

Saturday, I had the day off from the salon, so I decided to have a sidewalk sale to try to get rid of some vintage clothing, trinkets, new & vintage home decor.

Sunday, I took the Bird Trouble bags to Sheffield's Market Days at Sheffields. It was my first time in their beer garden, and it sure was pretty. The customers came mainly for the local food or for brunch, but I had a great time. I was able to eat Bleeding Heart Bakery for breakfast since they sat across from me, and I came home with local eggs and locally grown corn.

Monday was a short and sweet work at the hair salon, then I came home to a custom project I've been working on. I made a rickshaw cover for a friend's boyfriend. It was pretty wild and I'm pretty impressed by my sewing machine, and the fact that I even made that. James and I finished off the night with dinner outside and had ourselves a basketball game and a nearby court.

Tuesday I worked at the salon early in the day. I had to run to International Camera downtown (super awesome with down to earth employees) and then we enjoyed a walk around the Cultural Center, helped ourselves to a tour to the top floor of some hotel, came home with a 6 pack of Tecate, and headed straight to the Wilson Dog Beach with Ty. We ended up having an amazing conversation and time with a mom and her 10 year old son for 2 hours. It was pretty adorable.

So yeah, it's been pretty busy! I'm going to slow down for a while and get some studio time in. This week, I'm working on some new bags that will be releasing in a few weeks. I'll be introducing a few shots of them to the blog tomorrow. The collection is called Free Bird... I hope to be able to release more than one collection all together, but more on that later.

Also, I'm not sure who has me in their contacts via email... but I changed my email address. I haven't deleted the old one, but I will soon enough deactivate it and move permanently over to alexz [at!} birdtrouble [dot] com. 

[What if I start going by Alexandra? I might think it's too weird.]

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