Chicago, come see Bird Trouble this weekend!

Chicago friends! Come see me at the West Loop Fashion In The Street this weekend at Washington & Green St - just 1 block west of Halsted. This is a one of a kind event! There will be runway shows, local boutiques, local designers, with a bunch of music & DJs to keep you entertained. It will be a blast!

I'll be there with the Bird Trouble bags both Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 10pm. Even better, you can find me sharing a spot with the lovely Lady Faye Jewelry! Come say hi to us - we'd love to meet you!

See the entertainment line up at the FITS website here:

Runway / Boutiques / Designers included :
AKIRA * Borris Powell * Calvin Tran * Vagrant Nobility/STOCK * Trillium * Lisa Spagnolo * Kelly Brinn * Rosina~Mae * Domestic Workwear * Langford Market * Re.Stock Shop * Caroline Borucki * Shades of Grey * Mineralogy * Cities In Dust * Laura Lombardi * Stix and Roses * Electica * Premier Designs * Cayetano Legacy * LadyFaye Jewelry * Shelby Steiner * Bird Trouble * Sadie Monroe and Claire Henry 'co. lab'

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