Chicago Botanical Gardens

I turned 25 years of age almost two weeks ago. On my day of birth, we rented a Zipcar Mini Cooper that was named Meryl. Meryl was a convertible. We rented Meryl for a few hours to enjoy the beautiful - quite rather hot - day at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. We spent a few hours there kicking around and having fun. It was fun being able to run around there while telling each other stories. I didn't plan for much party time on my birthday because it landed on a Wednesday, so really, this was perfect. We ended it at the local bar with my roommate, Max - who happens to be a friend of 10 years - and a couple beers each.

Here are some of my favorite photo captures. I'll have to share the other half in another post because there's a handful.

More next time!


  1. Great photos! Happy belated birthday!
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    1. Thanks Diana! I'll make sure to check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and for the bday wishes.