Crafter / Artist Inspiration : Imogene and Willie

I really came across the blog of the handcrafted denim company, Imogene and Willie. I felt like I had to share their story with you because I was extremely moved by their words {you should watch their video on the front page of the website} and their dreams for their company. It made me feel good and confident in growing my business to know that there are companies out there like Imogene and Willie, who are completely devoted and love what they've created. Recently, they paired up with Anthropologie. As myself, I can only imagine a fear of your small-business company, or basically your child, turning into something that you didn't want it to grow to. The idea of mass production, or someone turning your company into their idea. Reading the I+W blog, I read that they were hesitant - and almost paranoid - of joining forces with Anthropologie... and that they are normal, passionate, and creative people living in Tennessee who happened to work hard at what they love and turn it into something.

Imogene and Willie are now apart of Anthropologies Made in Kind project, whose purpose is to display fresh emerging talent. They're also sponsoring a giveaway for your own custom pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and Anthro goodies! All you need in a Pinterest and some time to put together a collective board of denim. Get on it!

photos found here, here, herehere, and here

These are the kind of people that inspire me to keep creating. And I think that everyone should always be hesitant of what you chose to do, and always follow your heart because if you don't, you'll be always thinking "what if?"

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  1. You're so right. It's so important to follow your dreams, and take the risks. If not, those lost opportunities could always haunt you.

    However, Anthropologie and it's child/sister companies have had long histories of doing serious harm to small business, artists/crafters. (Quite frankly, they are rather proud of it.) I truly hope this couple has a positive experience, because they seem so authentic and true.

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome duo! They are quite inspiring!

    1. I hope they stay authentic too. They seem strong and really dedicated to what they do, so fingers-crossed no harm is done. Maybe it'll just give them to exposure to succeed in the way they want to.

      Either way, I'm looking forward to following their business! And thanks for sharing your opinion!