My Story : New About Me in the BT Etsy Shop

 I don't talk much about when or why I started doing this Bird Trouble thing, besides for the fact that it was // and still is // something that I enjoy doing on my own. Obviously so I could also gain another source of income. It started a sort of a chapter for me. Even though I opened up my Etsy shop in 2009 with a rough idea of what I wanted to be as a business, I've kept at at it... more at some times than at other times - pretty much always fluctuating based on what's going on in my life between all the places I've lived. But recently, as of the end of last year, I feel that Bird Trouble has started to feel like something completely different. It's turning into something. 

My patience has worked off so far.

Read a little more about me and why I started Bird Trouble in the new About Me in the BT Etsy shop. I hope you enjoy a little more knowledge about myself and please always email me at alexz [at!] birdtrouble [dotcom] with any questions, or even just to chat!



  1. I really enjoyed reading your story! It speaks to me deeply about why I do what I do. I can't wait to have my very own Bird Trouble piece!
    You're awesome, Alexz!

  2. So amazing!! You are one inspiring lady ;)