Creating a look book // Stenciling & Foil Art

I´m creating a DIY look book to give as a handout to a few local boutiques in Chicago. I´ve thought about the idea of a look book for a while now, and I´ve gone forth and back in my brain about ideas on how to really impress them. Only recently I became obsessed with the idea of making my own after seeing my roommate make a book cover. I create things - it´s what I like to do. So not just sewing my bags, but I also designed this blog and my logo. I love creating all of this myself, though it may not be the most professional looking, and it may be over whelming b/c sometimes I think I spend too much time on it when I should be sewing. But this is what it is to start up a brand by yourself; work. All of it. It´s cool and I rather love it.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments & follow the creation by clicking the tag label : Look book Creation.

In this post, I´m creating my design, creating my stencil, and testing out the foil art on my design for the first time on a piece of paper. I´m doing this to not waste the material I actually want to put it on.

H O W   I   D I D   I T :
Design your stencil - think of the ideas!
Trace it onto your stencil paper exactly how you want to cut it /// If you please, leave openings in the plastic to open up any holes - if you don´t, your ¨O¨s are going to be completely open O´s.
Cut your design out with an exacto knife. Watch your fingers.
Apply your Adhesive Paste. I was careful here, making sure I kept a steady hand and close attention so it didn´t bleed under the stencil. Just go slow!
I cleaned up any spots and added a little more adhesive without the stencil.

I then let it dry for an hour. I waited anxiously and watched some Life During Wartime. Its good.

I placed my gold foil on top of the adhesive. With a brush, I gently brushed away the extra gold. I didn´t really handle it with my hands at all. After a bit, I perfected the placement & stopped fiddling with it.
I then applied my top coat sealer.

Now it´s drying until I can see it again tomorrow morning. I plan on working on this tomorrow afternoon on the material I actually want it on. See you then! -Alexz

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