Bird Trouble at Sheffields Market Day

We had a little spot at the Sheffields Market Day event this past Sunday on the 15th. Every Sunday, Sheffield's offers local produce and products from Chicago in their great hidden beer garden. I had a good time that morning selling and listening to the band cover a bunch of my favorite songs - including some Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. It was beautiful outside, but rather humid, so I helped myself to a damn good Sheffield's bloody mary. Here are rest of the photos I took...

Other local businesses that were there. Check them out here every weekend and stay tuned for news on us possibly returning to sell. I will definitely stop in for some corn sooner than later. :

Bleeding Heart - Local vegan and not vegan yummy punk rock bakery
Urban Garden - Homemade salsa and jams
Ethically Engineered - Local made vegan and not vegan soaps. Great gifts for the dudes in our lives!
Paulies Pasture - Paul was kind enough to give me some corn and some eggs from his farm. The corn was as juicy as ever, and the eggs made for delicious sunny side ups! Paul, an old employee for an insurance company, is a stand up dude and is passionate about giving the best food.


  1. This food looks so yummy.... And the bags! I like them! Very good market! ^^

    Kisses From Europe

  2. this blog is truly the shit. I just moved from chicago, and I'm so sad I only just found this. props!

  3. Looks like such a great market. Loving all the fresh produce and who could pass up a bloody mary on a hot day? My favorite drink. :)