Decorating with X-rays.

I´ve been decorating. I put up the x-rays I found with my friends in the abandoned evacuated town of Gilman, Colorado. Some random squirrel tails are sticking around. A colorful sugar skull - gifted by my parents. I put this colorful door down as my desk, making my craft room seem huge. Pictures of that later. I´ve been using my post-it notes to organize my blog posts // as seen in The Dainty Squid & inspired by. I thrifted a new-to-me 2lb postage scale a few weeks ago next to a little clay molded head of a dog I made in behalf of my late Bowie. I have three random human teeth next to bullet shells, a really sharp ring, & a pin with two of my best friends on it. The seashell jewelry box was at my parents house growing up. The photo of San Francisco makes my bones all happy for possibilities of the future.

I´m just so excited about my x-rays being up. They´re from the 1950s; with the date & name of the patient. I have a few more but I´m going to put those somewhere else in the apartment. Can´t hog all the coolness in my room! Plus, I really need to work on the rest of the apartment.

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