Guest Post from GrrrFiesty.

Hello there Bird Trouble readers!
I’m visiting from Grrfeisty.com and would like to wish Alexz a happy birthday!

Alexz and I have been e-friends of sorts since around 2010, when she left me a super sweet comment convincing me to move my blog over to blogspot, where grrfeisty has happily resided ever since.
We’ve got a few things in common, one of them being our love of four-legged companions. So I thought I’d introduce y’all to my clan.
It all started with Sampson. When my boyfriend and I started dating, I quickly befriended his black lab/giant dog hybrid.
Daniel’s wonderful Sam inspired me to adopt my own little mutt. After scouring the webs, I found Buster. She is my sweet little baby. And even though the breeds within her tend to make some folks anxious, she is the sweetest dog I have ever met. I can’t imagine life without my Boost.

She’s also got a knack for balancing random items on her head. :-) 

The third member of my family is Osa. She’s the little bear I found in the middle of the road on my way to work. Her puppy pictures make me want to rewind time briefly just to snuggle with that little monster. But only briefly. That little girl made up for how easy Buster was to train…all the crying and the peeing. 

At 3 years old now, she’s currently a sweetie pie, who is incredibly house trained. Hooray!
Last, but not least, is Mya, who is actually an honorary member of the household. I dogsit her during the week while her owner travels for work. He is a good friend of mine, and Mya is pretty low maintenance. And big on the cuddling. < 3

My big dream is to one day open up a doggie daycare. That way I can be a crazy dog lady, sans the crazy, plus tons of kisses. All day long.  Who can resist those sweet little dog grins! So maybe I am a dog lady? Along with raising my own, I try and find lost animals a good home. And donate regularly to an organization in Houston.

Anyway, I hope these photos made you smile! Their sweet faces make me smile every day.


p.s. if you love your pets as much as I do, and want to show them, here is a recipe for some cool and yummy dog treats!

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