Friday I'm In Love :: Denim Edition

Following last week's trend of denim love from Imogene and Willie, I've put together a collection of denim varieties that I've fallen in love with recently for my Friday I'm In Love post. 

The thing that I love about denim is that is can be all kinds of denim. Pretty denim, rough denim, tom boy denim, acid wash denim, stone wash denim, studded denim, classic boot cut denim with a bit of a rolled hem. Rock and roll denim, boyfriend cut denim, bell bottomed denim, blouse darted to fit perfectly denim. Ideas are endless but denim construction is an art form in itself. It takes a talented craftsman to perfect a jean {or shirt, or dress} by perfectly drafted patterns and also giving this piece enough durability to last a lifetime.

Here is my collection of denim that I love.

All photo resources can be tracked back to my Move Over Denim Daddy Pinterest board.

I couldn't pass up that Debbie Harry photo. She looks killer there - if it were ever possible, I would love to have had the opportunity to be able to step in her shoes for a day.

I recently purchased a pair of purple jeans from the thrift store. They need to be taken in, but as soon as I wear them on a good day, I'll be sure to show you guys. I believe I'm stepping out of my box with colorful jeans. I'm typically a black skinniest of jeans type of girl. I also own a pair of gray denim jeans with a huge whole in the knee. The rest of my jean items include cut off jean shorts from previous denim jeans.

How do you feel about wearing denim? What denim have you been loving lately? Do you own any denim pieces besides your jeans? If so, what do you own?

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