Outfit Post & A Custom Bag.

Oh hi there. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I wanted to share a few photos from my latest adventure photo shoot. A few weeks ago, Ty and I walked over to Montrose Beach with a bag full of bags, a banana for me, a bone for him, my camera, and my tripod. I wanted to take a few photos of a custom bag I did for my friend Rosana and refresh some pictures on my Etsy listings. 

Here are some photos of Rosana's custom bag and a few outfit pictures. I made her bag out of a 1970's cotton - one of my favorite all-time finds because it's such a trippy print - and repurposed leather cut from a leather jacket. I wore James' Tumbleweeds sunglasses because he forgot them at my apartment (ha, sucker... never gettin' them back! Not. He took them back the following day. Doh.) and I put on some bright jeans to contrast my temporary cool sunglasses.  

Red & Black Basket Tote is NOT a Bird Trouble design. Unknown design.

Shoes : Thrifted
Bright Blue Jeans : F21 brand but thrifted.
Shirt : Gap t-shirt found in a pile of clothes from a neighbor who was moving. The pile was next to the dumpster.
Hat : From an antique store.
Sunglasses : Tumblweeds Handcraft.

I'll be sure to come by to share the rest of the slew with you guys soon. Can I mention how awkward it is taking photos of yourself, by yourself, and to watch a guy slowly creep past on his water jet ski? Dude. It's pretty funny though - and you get over the random folks staring...

Until more show and tell,

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