Studio Tour Part 1.

Compulsive re-organizational skills.
Compulsive moving around furniture skills.
These should be on my resume.

My work space has changed once again. This time around, I am the most happy with the arrangement of tables and desks. I feel that it seems like it's a bigger space now and makes me less cluttered. The only thing that I'm missing is a good shelving unit that doesn't take up much space, and I want my red Ikea metal credenza that has sitting in my parents garage 40 miles out side of the city since October. I really don't like the fact that most of my textiles are covered. Having them out in the open and exposed leaves me inspired.

Anyway, I'm here today to show you some photos of my space and how it looks now. This post will be too lengthy if I post all of the photos I took, so we'll show you these for now. 

Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. it looks so fresh and inspiring... & I also want to rummage in that basket! haha

    1. Thank you. You're more than welcomed to rummage if you're ever in Chicago! haha :)