Featured in : Miss Teacups Blog

Bird Trouble's Look Book glimpse was featured in the Miss Teacups blog for their Share The Love post (and actually, I was also mentioned here recently!). Blogger & Ontario resident, Carly, has a great rocker, bohemian, yet comfortable & modern style. Check out her personal lifestyle blog & see all the things she's swoonin' over! She's always sharing fashions that I get excited about. Sometimes I think we are freakishly alike. To the point to where I'm like OH, COME ON. Even her boyfriend & mine have the same Tumbleweeds Handcraft sunglasses. 

That is all. GOOD NIGHT!

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  1. Aw hehe I dig this post. You are the cutest and one day we'll meet and hangout and it'll be the greatest thing ever because we're long lost soul sisters, obviously <3