Bird Trouble Look Book Preview

Bird Trouble had a photo shoot scheduled with Megan Saul for this past weekend and I can not be more excited to share these with you. I've been quite over my not-professional-looking-photos, so when Megan Facebook messaged me with the opportunity to collaborate with her, I jumped right up. It's been a delightful treat working with her! This is the first shoot and the next one being this coming up weekend. I'll be styling both and modeling in one. Next weekend will just be my babe of a friend, Rosana. You're going to love her. She's great all around but I am partial to her fantastic hair.

These bags that are photographed come apart as Bird Trouble's next few collections. They come in groups separated by the textile they're made out of. In these photos, there are two found materials and one completely new technique - dyed and bleached. There are multiples shapes with tassels because I know you guys like those.

The Vagrant /// The Bona Fide

WEARS: I went thrifting a few times to collect all the clothing I wanted in the photos. That long sweater is the best thing ever. It's Anthropology that I found for $3 and it makes me feel like I am wearing a cape. The T.Rex shirt was originally my friend Bryan's shirt until he handed that sweet little baby to me. I treat that shirt so good. I also borrowed some rad jewelry made with bullet shells, leather, feathers, & critter bones. Chicago designer, Arieana creates one of a kind accessories for the day dreamers and night time seekers, the Flux of Feathers. I think her style compliments Bird Trouble's "tough" side. Yeaaaah, tough girl side. Real tough.

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  1. Score on the sweater! I love long sweaters that double as wearable blankets.