What I'm loving right now.

Here are a few things that I have been enjoying recently. I hope it inspires you! Happy Wednesday.

1) I am trying this project as soon as I can find boots from the thrift store to cover. Thanks to Kinsey for always sharing the some of the best inspiration & tutorials. Sincerely Kinsey's Sweater Boots DIY
2) This photo from Shop Planet Blue's Look Book makes me wish that James' van was all ready to go so that I can do a photo shoot with shots on the inside, and of course on the outside by the hand-painted cacti...
3) If this interview from Free People on Alexandra Valenti didn't just prove my girl crush on her, let this actual statement to be a fact.
4) This photo has been in the Bag Muses Pinterest page for a while. I snatched it somewhere off the Shop Spanish Moss Blog. The design inspiration seeker in me just goes wild for it.