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This is just really quick, but I’d like to update you on a new transition of mine. Please welcome yourself to my new creative home where I will be focusing on the lifestyle of Bird Trouble, what inspires me, and what I hope to inspire you with. I'm switching over to Wordpress because I love, love the look of it. I'm goo-goo.

I don't have Blog Lovin' set up yet, but I will update you both here and there when I do. I'm currently watching Lady and the Tramp (we've been watching Disney movies all day) - and I sort of checked myself out for the weekend before my busy sewing week starts. I'm going to be switching over my BirdTrouble.com domain to that page - so please sign up to get emailed our blog posts - You can follow my new blog through Bloglovin by clicking this here button:

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NEW BEGINNINGS! I love them. That's all I'm saying for now - until next time. xo


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