Superior, Wisconsin & Duluth, Minnesota

The beginning...

Here are some pictures of my scarf almost finished. Me and Nate stayed awake until 3:30am knitting last night. We nearly went insane. We both finished today and I am extremely jealous of the finish of his scarf. I think I am too hard on myself though.... I like my scarf, but his is super-dooper-extremely-neat-cool.

... of the beginning.

Knitting Nate.

See what I mean?! He's got some crafty-spice in him that I've never seen until now. I knew he was creative but this is the first time in 3 years that I've really seen his creativity come out. I love, love, love it. It's just so comforting to lay in bed with someone else who enjoys what I enjoy.

Anyway, happy halloween my lovely friends.

I'm still in Wisconsin. We're leaving tomorrow after breakfast with Nate's parents, grandpa, and uncle. I'm happy to go home (only to get my paycheck) but I am also sad to be leaving this simple sweet town. Not to mention that my favorite antique store is in Duluth... I spent $30 on vintage trims. That's A LOT of money on vintage trims but I figure, hey, I wont be back until January. It's so worth it. I would have spend more if my direct deposit went through (grrr................).

natey in the 60s
I really do enjoy this town though. As quiet and eerie that it is... it is perfect for this season. OH, and I can get enough of cheese curds. It's true... I am a cheese curd eater.

Stay turned for strictly Superior and Duluth photos. Me and Nate spent a bit of time on Picnik editing our photos from today.

We're both excited to show everyone and to post them on Bird Trouble's flickr account.


  1. ahhhh he knits too!? awesome :D my boyfriend paints so i know what you mean about doing what you love together. beautiful scarves!! i want to learn to knit so bad.

  2. That's so cool you're boyfriend knits, my hubby tried knitting but didn't care for it. I love to knit, I think you're scarf looked great don't be to hard on yourself. I knit a blanket for my fist project and oh my, thank goodness shape isn't that important on a blanket. also if it's tha shape that bothers you try blocking, fixes a lot of problems.

  3. i LOVE that!! my hubby is always suprising me with his creativity - i love love love it toooooo!! wheeeeeeee

  4. I want a man that can knit!! Does he have a brother you can post my way?! Cause I wish I could knit but I always make a mess of it.