Happy Saturday! & lots of pictures!

I woke up super early today and I don't even know why. :( Last night, I couldn't fall asleep... I was feeling so anxious and I kept thinking about everything I wanted/needed to do so I woke up and totaled out my sales for this month. That made me feel better so I finally went to bed but when Bowie moved this morning, I woke up and felt anxious again. I figured I should just wake up since I never get to see the sunlight anymore ;). Well, I looked out the window to a ton of snow on the ground here in Chicago. Personally, I hate snow (I know, I know, everyone else loves it) but Bowie loves it! Check him out!

Isn't he so freakin' cute?

For Christmas, I made my mom a purse since she's been asking for one for like 2 years, haha. I actually really, really love how it turned out and I'm thinking about making a similar one for the shop.

I took all new photos of mostly all of my items for the shop today. I felt like I needed them to be more creative and cohesive. Since I've been moving all over the country this year, my pictures have been taken everywhere I've lived. I really love the way these new pictures look. The chair in these photos is my chair in my craft room. I actually have two of them. We got them off this girl on craigslist because I loved the green but the seat was a gross vinyl and I had to change it to my green houndstooth. It makes me want to reupholster everything I have, haha. Here's a picture of some of my stuff piled up on my chair.
& in my wire basket I found at a thrift store in Wisconsin for $3! This is where I store them and just put them in my closet on a shelf.

& to end my Happy Saturday blog post, here's a funny story:
About a month ago, Nate accidently dried his wool Ben Sherman sweater. He loves Ben Sherman and he looooooooooved the sweater. Well, as you can guess, the sweater shrank A LOT. Now, it fits me. :) hahaha


  1. all your new stuff looks so adorable, you are so prolific! and i love the purse, you should definitely make one for the shop! happy new year!

  2. Aww such an adorable dog! <3
    If you don't mind me asking, where do you get your fabric from?


  3. Your dog is such a cutie!! Your mom is so lucky to receive such a lovely purse! It's really cute!!

  4. I'm loving your pup! So sweet! Mine loveloveloves the snow!

  5. that purse is so cute. and i love your reupholstered chair. you're so crafty!

  6. wow you've been busy! I love the purse you made for your mommy! It's gorgeous!

    and lol on the sweater....i've shrunk 1 of my hubby's shirts, but then I make it mine too, which is always great :D

    at least this one wasn't your fault ;)

    cute doggie!!

  7. Awwww, your dog is adorable (Awesome name, too)! The purse is also great - love the fabric.

  8. your dog is so cute!

    i love those bags!!!

    have a happy new year!