A small shop update & some personal news.

Just to give you a heads up... I might not be too active for a little bit with "personal" stories. Yesterday, me and Nate ended our 3 year relationship. He moved back to Philadelphia to get himself together and I'm here in Chicago with Bowie. I don't want to talk much about it because I'm still really upset about it but it was very sudden & I wish it didn't end the way it did... but it had to, for Nate, I guess. I just need to make sure I don't get off track with my goals & I, of course, need to make some time for girl days with some of my best girl friends. So, I apologize if my posts are boring for a while because you're going to be seeing a lot of these shop update posts.

I made a couple of coin pouches & one roundy clutch yesterday.

A few new coin pouches.
Coin pouches can be found here.

One of a kind roundy clutch in Spring Floral
This roundy clutch can be found here.

I have a bunch of fabric cut out for new pouches and new clutches that are perfect for this Spring. I'm going to love them all because I'm making sure to incorporate vintage materials in each one of them. I'll be working on those tonight to keep myself busy. Oh! & just a little reminder: There's only 2 days left of free US shipping. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful and a safe New Year. Let's hope 2010 brings good times & good memories. :)


  1. There's so much stuff in your shop that I love!!! Hopefully I can buy some new goodies soon! I'm sorry your year ended with a break up! =( Hopefully 2010 will bring new adventures and wonderful times with good friends! xo

  2. Your stuff looks amazing!

    I'm really sorry about the breakup and I know it's super hard right now. And you don't have to talk about it I just wanted to leave you with hopefully some encouraging words.

    You are a beautiful, bright, talented girl. He may be the one and he may not be...if he is..he will be a stronger man when he comes back into your life, but if not..there is someone out there greater for you. Perhaps 2010 is the year you will learn more about yourself. The year you develop the deepest friendships, the year your shop just flourishes! The year that makes you into that amazing woman who has survived!
    I know it's really hard right now to even imagine all the good things that come out of it, but I promise, good will come out, it always does!
    If you ever need anyone, I'm here :D

  3. omg the coin pouches are super cute! :)


  4. Hey sweet lady--I hope that your days look brighter soon. Your creativity will be a great outlet and those close girlfriends will be a great support! I love all the adorable things in your shop!

  5. I´m sorry about your brake up!! there are better days for you :) to come.

    OMG i love the desing of birds, so retro

    take care and have a nice 2010

  6. I'm so so very sorry. Break ups are so so tough and 3 years is a long time :( You'll be in my thoughts often and I truly hope your heart start mending soon.

    Wishing you the best pretty!

    p.s. i love love those pouches!!

  7. ditto to cupcake sniper!

    your stuff is looking so cute.

    the biggest break up of my life was an 8 year relationship, i thought it was the end to both of us, but three years later i am happily married to my best friend...it was definitely not the end i thought, but only the beginning of something even greater.

    many hopes and blessings to you in the new year.

  8. those pouches are adorable!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the break-up! I know it's hard. Take time to be with your girlfriends & eat some ice cream (or soy ice cream).

    You're beautiful, bright, talented .. don't forget it :)

  9. anytime sweety! You will be in my prayers! <3

  10. Awww Alexz :( I love your new pouches but I'm so sorry to hear about the break-up. 3 years is a long long time and I know it hurts. Me and the boy are coming up on 6 years and believe me I know what it's like to have crazy rough times.

    I hope you'll take this time to focus on yourself and your business and your friends...and your sweet sweet Bowie! If you ever need to talk, we're all here for ya!

  11. sorry to hear about your relationship ending :( that must be hard. now you have a new year to start fresh :)
    and your pouches are just adorable!