Merry Christmas blog world!

I hope all my little blog world friends had a wonderful Christmas and have a great end of the year!

Coming soon!
Nate's brother, Ryan, got me two packs of fat quarter fabrics from Spool (a store in Philadelphia). All the fabrics are so amazing and pretty. I couldn't wait to use them sooo... I already sewed 3 pouches, haha. :)

My christmas presents from Nate's brother, Ryan.

My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. Yesterday, my family had a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant compliments of my cousin Bobby. I had lobster mac and cheese and it was yummy. The restaurant was so pretty and the customer service was above&beyond. Then we went to my aunts to exchange presents. Me & Nate got yummy Starbucks coffee, some popcorn, some chocolates from Trader Joes, and money from my parents. Overall, it was peaceful and relaxing. Most of my family has moved all around the country for work so it's certainly not like it used to be when I was little, but it was still nice. Today, me & Nate slept in until 2:30pm (haha, I know). I brewed some green tea and we ate pound cake in bed. We watched a movie and have just been laying around all day doing nothing. We opened up our presents from Nate's side of the family. His parents got me a gift card to Forever21 which I CAN NOT wait to use. I'm going to the mall tomorrow, I'm so excittttted.

My new slippers!
My new slippers. I actually got these for myself a few days ago as my old personal gift. I've been wanting slippers for the longest time. I saw these at Urban Outfitters (only $20!) and freaked! I wanted them in black but the brown is good enough... plus, they don't look so covered in dog hair then they would in black. Oh, and yes, I already stained them. I'm clumsy. I went to the bar in them the other night (haha, yes, the bar in slippers) and I'm pretty sure my friend slipped some of her drink on my foot.

A christmas present for Ryan.
This is Ryan's christmas present that hasn't been sent out yet because he's in Arizona for the holidays. We're waiting for him to get back to his office in DC. Anyway, I wanted to share this because of the wrapping paper. I FREAKED when I saw this houndstooth wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! I love, love, love houndstooth. I have so much of it. I want to mount pictures in frames with this and I can't waaaait!

What'd you get for Christmas!? I can't wait to see everyone's pictures of their presents.

Oh! PS: Tomorrow I'll be posting my 'Best of 2009' photos! I've done so much this year. California, Chicago, Philly, and back in Chicago. It'll be a fun post, I promise!

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  1. i love it when other people share their christmas gifts! i especially love the fabric :)
    when people start giving me fabric for my birthday i'll know i'm a true crafter. haha :)