Shop update!

Shop update.

A few days ago, I added 10 new coin pouches to the shop. You can find them in the pouch section. We have a total of 33 pouches in that section now! That includes big pouches and small pouches, so you'll be sure to find the perfect one for yourself!


January 311

I introduce you to the thin bifold wallet! A brand new design!!! There's only one in the shop so far, but I plan on adding more within the week. After doing that custom order a few weeks ago, I decided to add this design into my shop for the dudes in your life or for those gals who just don't carry purses! Like me, for instance. I hate carrying my bag around when I go out. So, I made one for myself too!

I'm also extending the Haiti Relief promotion until the end of this month. I feel like I didn't give myself enough time to prepare for promoting the last week of last month. So, here are the details....

Until March 1st, 10% of all Bird Trouble's proceeds are going to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief. This is a great way to help out if you don't have tons of money but you want to have a part in helping. I'll announce how much we've gained on March 1st. I'd really, really appreciate it if you told your friends, tweeted about it, blogged about it, or threw it on your facebook status!

Besides that...

Wow, it's February already? January started off to a get start! Obviously, despite the tough first break up week, I really couldn't ask for a better start to 2010. I'm completely fine with the break up. Actually, I'm more than fine with it, I'm extremely happy about it. School's going great. I love all of my classes... well, besides Sociology. It seems as if my teacher has no clue what she's teaching. I've spent more time with my old & new friends than I have in the past 3 years. I've been more creative this month than I've been in a while. I even started writing in a journal again. I can't stress how much I love Chicago. I just wish I lived in the city, with the public transportation, because it's hard for me to get around without it.

Well, I gotta get to classes in a few hours so I'll leave you with another polaroid of mine.


2005, I think. That's my ex standing in the field. We were walking around a forest preserve... like we usually did every day... and it got really dark out. We were having trouble trying to find our way out and then it started raining. After who knows how long we were running around aimlessly for, we finally got to my car. We found about 30 ticks on us and in my car. Yeah, you can imagine how horrible that is. :)


  1. AWESOME!! love that photo too... great stuff.

  2. love the blurriness of that photo. fabulous.

  3. Such cute coin pouches! The wood print is my favorite.

  4. love the coin purses and the polaroid! great job! xo