10 Things I Love

It's Monday already? Where did my week go? I didn't go to classes today because I'm sick AGAIN. I hate being sick. My face is so hot, my eyes feel super heavy, and my nose is bright red from kleenex. Ugh. All I've been doing all day is napping, drinking dayquil, eating soup, and watching Arrested Development.
I also put up 2 new blog buttons on the right side of my page. If you have me on your blog, let me know so I can return the favor!

Here's my 10 Things I Love for this week!

1) This fabulous Polaroid silk scarf! I'm pretty sure it is way out of my price range. Found here.

2) My girl friend does nails and I'm going to pester her until she can do the houndstooth on me. I love it!

3) This adorable picture. I'm going to attempt to make this tomorrow!

4) I love the organization and the decoration of this room. Found here.

5) This adorable Design Your Own Nesting Doll Kit found at The Merc Shop.

6) I'm IN LOVE with this. I can't wait until I get my own house.

7) If you don't know by now... I'm obsessed with squirrels. I just want to grab this lil' guys cute little fingers! eeeee!

8) This photo pretty much shows exactly how I feel right now.

9) San Francisco, I can't wait to visit you this summer so I can see my girls, eat a burrito from the Mission, and get a really good haircut.

An old memory
10) And last... my 18th birthday polaroid. I went to Wisconsin Dells with a few of my best friends and was convinced to go bungee jumping. Needless to say, after 15 minutes and just about to chicken out, the lady decided to push me unannounced.

All photos, unless stated, are from weheartit.com

I hope everyone had a good Monday! I promise to be a better blog friend this week! Oh and in Bird Trouble news: I have about 10 wallets are just about finished to be put into the shop.


  1. i love love love san francisco. i went there last february. this pictures makes me want to go back!

    great list!

  2. ee! i have that little owl cup in the toast picture :)
    the blog i'm using is my .mac site...and html doesn't work on it :(
    i'm thinking about switching to blogspot for good [i used to use lj!] just so i can use html.
    that pretty nail picture makes me wanna get all girly. haha

  3. oh girl, i totally want one of those polaroid scarves! so not fair that they cost so much!!!

  4. I love the stair book case, i too cant wait until i can get my own place...
    oh i have put one of your buttons on my blog.
    :) x

  5. She pushed you?! On your birthday?! That is so mean! I'm sorry your sick lady I hope you feel better real soon!

    ps I added your button on my blog :)

  6. I just came across your blog today, and may I say that I am in love with those houndstooth nails! I love anything houndstooth.

  7. ok- if you are coming to SF and eating in the Mission- we need to hangout! I live in the Mission ;) I have something for you, but I need you to email me vivianna(AT)polkadotrobot(DOT)come

  8. OMG - I love the squirrel photo! Smiles from lunch at my desk at work!

  9. Holy crap you bungee jumped! lol You're a nut!
    I love that squirrel! I sent the picture to my brother to brighten his day!
    I NEED a book shelf like that!!! Perfect!!!

    Your skull is almost finished ;) I'll send it out Thursday - promise promise!

  10. thanks for following my blog. yours keeps me entertained at work daily.


  11. I love that picture of the shelf/stairs!! I wish I could have one of those someday. I always love looking at interior decorating photos, they are so inspiring. You would probably like this tumblr: sweethomestyle.tumblr.com

    I could look at it for days!

  12. Oh my gosh those hot pink nails with the black and white check tips are AMAZING!! I so wish I were more patient :D

  13. I need that bookcase staircase. And polaroids printed on a scarf?! Yes, please!

  14. holy cow i love all of these things too!!! how beautiful!! and that organized craft room is amazingggg!!

  15. very cute pouches and very cute nails!
    lovely pictures as well!