Shop update! & a thank you!

Finally, a well needed shop update! I put in 5 wallets, 2 coin pouches, and 1 medium size pouch. Here are the close ups:

From top left: One of a Kind Bifold Wallet in Soft Blue Leaves, One of a Kind Bifold Wallet in Shabby Chic Flowers, One of a Kind BiFold Wallet in Blue Scooters on a Stripes
One of a Kind Bifold Wallet in Woodland Owls
, & One of a Kind Bifold Wallet in Pea Green Flowers.

From top to bottom: Medium Pouch in Scooters and Stripes on Pink, Small coin pouch in Matryoshka Dolls, & Small Coin Pouch in Vintage Lace and Octopus.

I'm working on 7 wallets today and they should be in the shop... either tomorrow before 10am, or Sunday afternoon. I'll give them their own special post when they're up. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you're in need of a new wallet!

Yesterday, I came home to the SWEETEST Valentines Day package in the mail from Melanye
(over at LAMC)!! Thank you Melanye!
She made those darn cute magnets at the bottom left. They're made from resin and inside are REAL sprinkles! Wahh! I love them. And I love my little icecream stickers! And my hello kitty mints! And my pencils and notepad! and my little ceramic cupcake pot! AKA I love it all!!

Well, I'm going to make this short because at Dome's right now for craft night! I've got some pictures of her little craft corner to post for tomorrow's blog. Tonight I'm working on my wallets and she's working on a huge painting. I hope I finish my wallets early enough so I can do a little painting. Last week was my first time painting with acrylics. It's my new favorite hobby! I love it. Who knew painting would be so relaxing? :)
I hope everyone's having a wonderful week so far! <3


  1. i got the same magnets & bowl from melly kay! awwwww!! we are so fly. and i LOOOVVVVEEEE YOUR WALLETS!! (SCREAMS WHILE PULLING AT HAIR)

  2. Taht octopus makes my heart beat fast.... <3 lovely!

  3. YAY!! I'm so glad it made it to you safely :D I meant to have it there on time but I kept finding cute stuff to throw in the box haha!

  4. You are amazing :) All so pretty! Your skull is all wrapped up and on it's way to you! I took photos, I'll post them soon!!

  5. I love love all of your stuff. So cute!