A little old and a little new.

Recently, I've been working on growing my favorites on Etsy so I could make my shopping experience quicker when I'm ready to cough up the bones. I also add items to my favorites when I think the picture is really good so I could go back and use it for inspiration. I've always thought window shopping was just as fun as actual shopping.

Here's some vintage items and new handmade items I've been drooling over.


8mm Film Family Vacation to Dillon Colorado.

Vintage boho tooled leather flats.

Retro paisley print mini dress.

Vintage wood accordian peg rack.

1970'a red linen and caramel leather peep-toe wedges.


Monsters in Lake Michigan screen printed poster.

Say Anything John Cusack necklace.

Make Do and Mend.

Fun for Boys book clock.

Blood spatter necklace.

I hope ya'll enjoyed my little post! Luckily my internet connection works a lot better in my apartment than it did before. Ya know what that means... more posts more often!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I plan on going to the beach on Sunday! Chicago has been scorching hot and humid... sick!
What are your plans?


  1. those tooled leather flats are to die for...

  2. Those 8mms are soo cool! What a great Etsy find!

  3. I live in Illinois, over in Oswego. I just KNOW you're enjoying all this rain, huh? My electricity has gone out 7 times in two months. Woo hoo!

  4. i love those leather flats! and i am going to veg in my house and watch 80's movies all weekend!

  5. That film box with all those reel canisters is magic!!! So jealous!

  6. oh my my your blog is a bit on the lovely side of things!
    i enjoy your gazing at the pretty pictures ever so much

  7. i love your blog! i am your newest follower, Polly :)

    hope to hear from you!


    love, the littlest polly

  8. My favorite score as of late is an 8MM projector. Together, we could have a viewing party!