10 Things I Love Monday

On the topic of trying to get back on the habit of blogging, I'm here to do a 10 Things I Love Monday post. This post has always been one of my favorites and I'm sure yours too (with the feedback I've been getting).
[As always, all photos are taken from weheartit.com or tumblr.com, unless stated otherwise.

I hope everyone had a good day to the start of the week. I actually really love Mondays. I don't work at the salon on Monday's and my boyfriend has off work so we always have 'Monday Fundays'. Today, we spent the day downtown. He took me on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. *snicker* That will be a whole completely different post though.

Happy Monday night. ;)

Every time I see a motorcycle, or a couple on a motorcycle, I always catch myself daydreaming this exact photo. Dreamer? Maybe, haha.

A charming capture of Buddy Holly. It seems like he was in the middle of a sentence.

I've been on a hunt for boots. Thrift stores and boutiques. So far, no luck. I do want a pair of boots pretty much exactly like this.

I was quite obsessed with these. Originally I saw this on tumblr but it was link to here.

What a beautiful and dreamy walkway to a kitchen. Pink refrigerator? Boy what I would do to find myself one of those beauties.

I just really like boxes. If you know real-life-Alexz, you know I like boxes.

Cozy retro homes and shag rugs. Mmmm...

I love the mixture of these frames, clocks, and the bed post.

Self explanatory.

Ferris Wheel Photo by me taken today. Chicago is so beautiful. Navy Pier is such a tourist spot but the entire time I lived here and grew up here, I had never been on the ferris wheel until today.


  1. Ahh great photo of the Ferris wheel!

    You've made me want to go for a ride on the one at the Winter Wonderland in Cardiff.

  2. Love that mug shot! She's from Mpls, too, like me! Great round-up.

  3. LOVE the Ferris wheel picture. Nice (-:

  4. We have been on that ferris wheel once before, think it was when we rented the bicycles at millennium park.