Am I hyper or what?

Finally, a day to cool down.
It's been pretty disguising-hot here in Chicago for the past week. Gross hot. Yuck. Today was finally a super chill day [a little too cold! bah, we're never satisfied with the weather here!] outside. James and I went out to dinner with some friends for their going-away-to-travel-to-europe-and-be-awesome-jerks-dinner. I've had the best food I've ever had in my life tonight. Thank youuuu Duchamp and Amanda's ex-boyfriend for the hook up. YUM.

I've been extremely busy preparing myself for the INDIEhandicraft Exchange in Indianapolis and Minor Attack the weekend after that here in Chicago.
I've been sewing up
some secret elastic waistband skirts. I love them.
James made me a mini-rack so I can hang the skirts up with hangers but it'll sit on the table. So cute.
I made this really awesome daily backpack that I can't wait to show you guys. James' flipped when he saw it. It's "his favorite" and he was like "YOU HAVE TO MAKE A BUNCH OF THESE. THESE ARE AWESOME!" It's wonderful having a kick-ass confidence boosting supportive boyfriend.
We've also been busy making photo props because I'm going to
stir up some fun at my booth with photos that will be shown on my blog after editing. I'm pretty excited about it!

James and I are excited about our first mini road trip. We're packing pb&j sandwiches and bringing Gatorades. We're going to get coffee on the road at 5am and we'll probably just quote Step Brothers the whole 3 hours since we've been watching it basically EVERY day. I can't stop. Will Farrell is so addictive.

Anyway, I'm just sitting here in bed, I just finished playing Marie Laforet songs over and over and over. I think it's making me a little bit hyper.
I figured I'd share that with you and this picture of Bridgitte Bardot that, in my head, resembles me every day this week. Bakin'.
And if you have a few minutes, please, entertain yourself with this video of Bridgitte Bardot playing in the sand and being semi-creepy. For some reason, I can't stop watching it!
C-ya after this weekend! Wish us luck!


  1. we're like that in SC its always too dang hot or too dang cold. never in between! pleeeease post backpack pics!!

  2. camille + DC is the same + were coming down from 102 temps to 91 today + and storms this weekend + dig the video.


  3. i added your button to my blog because you are kind of awesome.