Dumpster diving, anyone?

I see myself as a friendly, talented, approachable, but sometimes shy.
I also see myself as a very strong... dumpster diver.
Last week, on my walk home from the coffee shop down the street, I saw a pile of trash that looked like any ordinary trash. Casually (it's funny walking 'casually' towards someones trash), I strolled over and noticed there were boxes open with toys and more spilling out!

Here's what I found that fine morning:
  • Lovely spoon of yarn. This is perfect for my packaging.
  • A little toy sewing machine! It has a place for batteries but from the looks of it, I don't think it will work but it'll still be pretty!
  • A leather wallet with 'Guadalajara' (Mexico) burnt in. To think about it, I don't think I even opened it...
Have you ever been dumpster diving?
Drive through alley ways when you're bored to see if anyone is throwing out any goodies?
You'd be surprised! Give it a try if you haven't. It's really quite fun.



  1. Oh, I have that same sewing machine! It was mine when I was little and my mom brought it to me a few weeks ago. It should have a pedal. :) Awesome finds!

  2. haha nice finds! someones trash is your treasure! i also found that holly hobbie sewing machine at a flea market once, i love it!!

  3. Oh my gosh the little sewing machine is so cool!

  4. Our old apartment building had the best dumpster ever!! haha. We got a computer desk, a set of dresser drawers & a HUGE hand-stretched canvas from there! The canvas had a painting of a family on it that was completely finished except for the little girls eyes.. which were still just white... so it looked PRETTY creepy. haha. We painted over it though & now we have a huge painting my husband and I did together hanging above our couch!

  5. I've never dumpster dived (dumpster dove?), but if this is the sort of goodness people are tossing these days, I might just start!