Taco Love.

If you've known me, in real life, for a while,
then you know that I have a feel things I cherish deeply:
  • Greasy steak tacos with cheese.
  • Squirrels that come up to you when you make click noises with your mouth.
  • Driving to Wisconsin for a random antiquing trip.

The only person I keep in touch with from my high school, Max, is apprenticing at The Alley in Chicago for tattoos. He texted me the day before my birthday, on the 14th, and said "Want a tattoo tomorrow? Something small and simple?" and I respond with "Like a taco?".

Alas, meet the taco on my ankle.

This tattoo is close to me, not only because it's a taco, but because Max once tattooed me in our friend's bedroom. We had a few drinks down and it was one of his first. Needless to say, I asked for snake bites on my wrist (literally two dots- they look like freckles) for mine and Eric's make-believe 80's hair metal band: Cobra Snake. The second tattoo Max did was a heart behind my ear... which was, honestly, wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Though, when it healed, the heart started looking more and more like a 5 year old sketch on a wall.
I had it taken care of. Kind of.
It's just so funny that we go from being 15 year old kids with green and pink hair, wearing studded jackets, thinking we're cooler than everything... to drinking in the forest preserve by our high school, drinking our parents beers in a friends bedroom... to being able to afford to tip your good friend for a kind service and an awesome birthday present. #Grownuptalk

Thanks Max! You guys might meet him soon. I want to do a collaboration of his awesome prints, make it into a pattern, print it on some fabric, and sew some cute little ALEXZ/MAX creations. We'll see.



  1. Ha, that is awesome! i really want a silly tattoo :) xo

  2. Hahaha rad. I got a wug tattoo from a friend of mine when he was apprenticing too, it's funny to look at now, all patchy...he's definitely improved since then.

  3. Aw, so cute! My sister and I are getting taco tattoos for our mom! We really wanted a Mom tattoo but couldn't think of anything that she liked enough that would be a good one. My sister was like "all I can think of is Taco Bell" haha