Our Birthday Weekend.

Our birthday weekend was this previous and it was spent pretty calm. I turned 24 and James turned 28. For James' birthday, we went to see Another Earth (anyone seen it yet?) and we had drinks and conversations about books at a bar in Lakeview. It was so cute.
My birthday was spent waking up to breakfast Deans sandwiches, a bouquet of dyed flowers, and a slice of cheese cake.
A 1976 vintage cruiser with white fenders from James' co-worker was given to me in the evening (wonderful gift after mine being stolen earlier this week!).
A tattoo of a taco, in a heart, with crossbones on my ankle was given to me by my good highschool friend, Max. We joked about how ironic it was that he was tattooing me in a professional setting (and not in a bedroom in highschool after a few beers). James and I quietly ate dinner at Clarkes after being tattooed, went to Archies for a few drinks, then killed the night with a scary movie and passed out on the couch.

Squirrel tail earrings and vintage lace.

For the next few days, I've scheduled blog posts with pictures from my current new studio. But don't get comfortable with it because I have some news in the next blog post. This month has been very exciting for me!



  1. Happy late birthday to you both!

  2. That sounds like an awesome birthday, happy late birthday! Your new bike sounds awesome too. If you still want mine, that's cool, and if not, that's cool too!